Safe Haven Private Vaults, located in Sandy, Utah, is the answer to the general public’s answer to long-awaited security measures for a multitude of the populace desiring safe and secure storage of valuables and securities, without the threat and hassle of interference by an ever-growing list of entities intruding and restricting this level of secure storage…Read The Rest

Dennis Romankowksi
I would like to submit this letter of recommendation for Safe Haven Private Vaults. Safe Haven provides a very innovative product to the Salt Lake Valley as well as outstanding service. In the short time that Safe Haven has been a part of the business community they have made a very positive impact to those associated with them…Read The Rest

Sean G. Davis
As the owner of the security contracting company, I am well aware of the protection and security related needs of the general consumer. By offering a secure storage option to the general public, Safe Haven Private Vaults gives individuals an advanced, secure option for protecting valuables, commodities and other items of importance..Read The Rest

Steve Ketter
I’ve been very impressed with the extremes that Safe Haven has taken to certify that their clients are taken care of. They have spared no expense to provide the most state of the art security features, I’ve never even seen a retina scanner until I visited Safe Haven. I would think..Read The Rest

Joe Coccimiglio
I have had the privilege to preview Safe Haven Private Vaults numerous times, both from a consumer perspective and internal operations viewpoint. Close scrutiny quickly reveals the exceptional measures taken to assure the highest standards associated with a private vault facility…Read The Rest

Mark Maxon

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