The Safe Haven Message

Salt Lake City needed a new alternative to using a bank for its means of storing your valuables.

There are so many inconveniences with banks with the possibility of having your possessions taken by an unwanted seizure or by being a victim of fraud. With burglary and home invasion rates at an all-time high, your home is not as safe as it once was.

We wanted to build a facility the public could use that would give them peace of mind when a bank or safe at home was not good enough.

When first talking about opening a facility in Utah, we visited a number of similar facilities across the country. We took everything they were lacking and redesigned it to be the ultimate facility that would offer unmatched security. We also talked with lawyers, bankers, business owners and even stay at home moms from across the Wasatch Front and asked if they would like to use the services. The answer was a resounding YES YES YES AND YES! We then decided to make it happen. Over the next 18 months the Safe Haven Private Vaults business model was molded and created.

Clients have been reserving since before the business even opened. New locations across the country are in the works.

The private vault industry has been – just as they once were – growing rapidly, especially with the market the way it is today. People are not trusting the banks, and history has shown that there is good reason for this. Remember how the Great Depression of the 1930s started and compare the circumstances of then to the circumstances of today.

We want to safeguard your valuables and your security.

Very Sincerely,